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Chapter 565 Meddling With the Suppliers

  • “It’s my pleasure to serve you!” Pedesi smiled happily and turned to walk toward the exit.
  • Anderson also smiled as he looked at his surroundings emotionally and remarked how this place made him feel familiar and at ease.
  • A short moment later, Pedesi returned with a sour expression. “Sir, the employees from the Meng Family’s company said that they are on a break and do not want to discuss any business-related matter for the time being!”
  • “On a break?” Anderson was stunned. “How could they be on a break? Is it the holiday season?”
  • “It’s currently not the holiday season, but they indeed are on a break!” Pedesi was confused too.
  • “In that case, contact the two suppliers that we have. I have something to tell them...” Anderson ordered.
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