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Chapter 559 Tang Lishan Had Reached Her Breaking Point

  • “What decision are you going to make?” Tang Lishan laughed sarcastically. “Edward, don’t you ever forget. Without me, you would not have sat in your place right now. Would you have gotten elected if not for the Tang Family’s support and the funding from Angel Medical Company?”
  • Edward gritted his teeth in frustration.
  • “What is your choice now? Getting on Tang Yin's good side?" She laughed maniacally at him. "Edward, even if you want to choose Tang Yin, you're not qualified to! My advice to you is to give up! You can only follow behind me and do what I tell you to!"
  • Then, he heard a dial tone when Tang Lishan hung up on him.
  • Feeling insulted, Edward roared and flung his phone across the room. “Wh*re! Both you and your daughter are wh*res! Both of you are debauched wh*res!”
  • When his staff heard his uncontrollable yelling from his room, they cowered and glumly scurried down the corridor outside his room.
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