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Chapter 556 Holding Him Prisoner

  • The moment Tang Miao saw Tang Yin, his expression soured. Not only did his plans foiled, he sustained huge losses as well. Now, even he could not escape from Tang Yin. This caused Tang Miao to feel small in front of Tang Yin, which was hard to accept. "Tang Yin, you can't kill me. You definitely can't kill me!"
  • Tang Yin took a step after another to approach Tang Miao and stared at his pale face. Then, Tang Yin squatted down slowly and grabbed his hair.
  • "Tang Yin…" Tang Miao forced a smile at him. "We're cousins! Don't forget that we used to play at the seaside and chased the waves! Did you forget about it?"
  • "Young Master Tang, the police will arrive soon!" Yang Long turned around to check the road leading to the manor. "If you want to take action, I'll kill him right away. I definitely will not have your hands stained by his blood!"
  • "Tang Yin, Tang Yin, forgive me this time! Next time, I'll do what you want and listen to whatever orders you give. As long as you spare my life, I will not fight with you for the patriarch position in the Tang Family!" Upon hearing Yang Long's suggestion, Tang Miao was scared out of his wits and hurriedly crawled to Tang Yin, clutching tightly at Tang Yin's pant legs while crying and pleading desperately.
  • "Bring him away!" Tang Yin turned around and walked back to his car. After a moment of silence, Yang Long lifted Tang Miao who was slumped on the ground and walked with him toward some distance away.
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