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Chapter 549 The Mother and Daughter Were Witnesses

  • When Tang Lishan walked in, she saw Yuan Zhian upon the first glance. Her focus shifted to the rattle drum in Yuan Zhian’s hand and immediately started to tremble.
  • They were in public and if Yuan Zhian did something here, she would lose all her dignity.
  • “Madam Tang Lishan, I have a question for you. Did you receive Father Cade’s call in the past?” Marie walked out and directed a question at Tang Lishan.
  • “Yes, I did.” Tang Lishan drew a deep breath and clenched her fists while answering.
  • “What did Father Cade tell you in the phone conversation?” Marie inquired.
  • “Father Cade told me that…” Tang Lishan started to provide her testimony.
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