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Chapter 548 Their Witness

  • At that time, the trial was still ongoing at the San Francisco Superior Court. The judge turned his gaze to Marie. “Do you have any direct evidence to prove that Tang Yin is a suspect in this vicious murder case? For example, any fingerprints from the scene, a recording of the scene or an audio?”
  • “Unfortunately, I don’t.” Marie shook her head and everyone fell into a silence.
  • “If the prosecutor did not have any evidence, she should not have directed this question at my client! I am not sure of the motive behind such a move. I only know that anything that is unrelated should not be mentioned in court!” With that, Pei Ruo turned around and took her seat. Marie lifted her head arrogantly at the remark and her expression turned cold.
  • The scene of the trial was aired through the Internet in San Francisco. Outside the courthouse, Lilith watched Pei Ruo’s reaction and she immediately yelled in rage, “She’s a b*tch. She only wanted to defend that devil. They’re accomplices!”
  • “Yes! They’re accomplices!”
  • “Punish the devil and jail the criminal!”
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