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Chapter 539 Taking Action Five Days Later

  • “I said before that this case has nothing to do with me!” Tang Yin kept a polite smile. “Everyone knows that there’s concrete evidence to show that Tang E was the culprit behind the murder case in Audley Villa. I was a victim myself when the explosion happened in Father Cade’s private hall. Mr. Steve and Miss Jenny can testify to that. And, about the explosion case in the police station that you mentioned, I was just outside the station, so do you think I had time to do all these?”
  • “Alright, it seems that you’re an obstinate person…” Lilith smiled and rose from the chair. “I’ll honestly report what I’ve heard today. I hope that you’ll receive the final adjudgement!”
  • Tang Yin stood up as well. Looking at this beautiful woman before his eyes, he felt repulsive.
  • She looked normal on the surface, but she could make irresponsible assumptions. She was making things up and distorting the truth. Perhaps it was a distinct characteristic of the American media.
  • With a gloomy expression, Lilith led the staff and walked out of Tang Yin’s manor.
  • “He never admitted it. No matter what tricks I used, he just wouldn’t reveal it.”
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