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Chapter 533 On the Verge of Death

  • Turning around, Tang Yin’s eyes were as cold as a knife.
  • “Nobody could escape from America's laws…” Edward sneered. He then ordered the people behind him, “All of you must find something useful here. Otherwise, none of you will be spared!
  • The police officers looked at Edward's face. After nodding their heads in a hurry, they immediately rushed into the estate.
  • Tang Yin was actually very nervous, but he maintained an indifferent expression on his face.
  • Yang Long and others were in the basement. If they were discovered, he would likely be arrested too. However, Tang Yin couldn’t make any move now. He could only pray that luck would be in his favor, so that both he and Yang Long could get out of this crisis.
  • “The guest room upstairs is clear…”
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