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Chapter 528 Luo Guan

  • “He said his name is Luo Guan!”
  • Tang Yin finally remembered it. Old Man Hu Song had mentioned this person who was from Tiandihui in San Francisco. But Tang Yin did not expect that this person would reach him so fast when he had only returned to his manor.
  • “I have promised to give them fifty million if all the people from the Police Bureau were killed.” Yuan Zhian said flatly next to him, “We will deduct one million for each person who escapes. According to my undercover, at least six people have run away!”
  • “Let him in!” Tang Yin beckoned.
  • After a few minutes, Luo Guan walked in casually, leading a group of six or seven people. He glanced around and chortled suddenly.
  • “Let me just say that this junior master knows how to enjoy his life. He must be leading a luxurious life after he found this wealthy family?” Luo Guan did not talk to Tang Yin after entering. After glancing around, he finally paused his gaze at Tang Yin and giggled. “So you are Tang Yin? The named disciple of my junior master?”
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