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Chapter 519 Speculation

  • Tang Yin looked at Yuan Zhian with a meaningful smile and mumbled, “Your answer is quite logical!”
  • Yuan Zhian was silent. I know the new vaccine that Mr. Steve mentioned would definitely earn a profit in the medical industry. The Tang Family is business-oriented, so why is such a profitable business recommended to others?
  • “In terms of the size of the Americas, do you think it is appropriate for the Tang Family to set up only two regional managers?” Tang Yin asked.
  • Yuan Zhian was stunned. “Are you saying…”
  • Tang Yin laughed. “Uncle Miao and I talked about this matter before. Although the Tang Family has businesses worldwide, there are many businesses that the Tang Family has not been involved in. On the surface, finance and investment are the most profitable, followed by health care and new energy… But don’t forget that there is always an industry in the world that is leading all the other industries!”
  • Yuan Zhian asked softly, “Banking?”
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