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Chapter 518 An Old Friend

  • Pei He nodded and repeated Tang Yin’s orders. He then hung up the phone. “Mr. Edward said that Mr. Steve of the American Medical Association is here, so he’ll ask him to contact you as soon as possible!”
  • Mr. Steve! Tang Yin was slightly stunned. Who knew I would be able to meet an old friend here?
  • “Alright!”
  • Pei He nodded. The car continued its drive to the estate.
  • Suddenly, Tang Yin’s mobile phone rang. As expected, it was a call from Mr. Steve.
  • He answered the phone with a smile. However, Jenny’s voice came from the other side. “Tang… Teacher Steve just received a call from the State assemblyman, asking him to treat your wound! I can’t believe you’re in America! Why didn’t you contact us when you arrived? Do you even see us as your friends?”
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