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Chapter 517 Enchanted Heart

  • Tang Yin directly punched the person that he grabbed from the shadow under the water. At the same time, another person jumped out of the water behind him, aiming at Tang Yin’s waist.
  • Pei He was startled. “Young Master!” he shouted immediately and rushed toward Tang Yin.
  • Wang Jin had already rushed up and joined the battle. Even Yuan Zhian and Ji Yueshan, who were terrible at fighting, had all thrown away the things in their hands and rushed toward the sea.
  • Tang Yin raised a foot and kicked the person that was rushing out from the sea. Before the female figure could come any closer to him, she had fallen back into the ocean.
  • “Get someone to go after her!” Tang Yin turned and yelled. He was seizing the woman’s neck with one hand while he had taken off the sharp knife on her hand with the other. He turned the woman around and locked his grip on her.
  • The waves around them were still plunging. Tang Yan was standing in the water, observing his surroundings coldly. He turned and walked to the shore once he made sure that there weren’t any more attacks from the figure that had dived into the sea.
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