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Chapter 510 A Wily Girl

  • The venue fell into a silence. Daisy clenched her jaw and looked pale. As all eyes were on her, she experienced mixed emotions. She could tell from their gaze that they were looking down at her.
  • “We’re not leaving. I’m not leaving!” Tang E was furious. He was, after all, a hot-blooded eighteen-year-old who did not know how to take a step back and to reflect on himself. At that moment, it looked like he was making a scene.
  • “Come get them!” Mr. Audley yelled loudly. Around ten bodyguards walked in from the outside of the hall and were staring threateningly at Daisy and Tang E.
  • “Mr. Audley…” Daisy’s face was turned pale. She looked at Tang Yin and said in a trembling voice, “I will apologize for my unreasonable demands just now. I wish to also apologize to Mr. Tang Yin for my foolish behavior and hope that he could forgive me. I know how ignorant my actions were. I could only hope that everyone does not take it seriously and continue with the debutante ball!”
  • Did she just surrender? The guests all shifted their gaze to Tang Yin as if waiting for his answer. What a wily girl! How could she have endured this humiliation and apologized to Tang Yin on the spot?
  • Tang Yin looked at Daisy with a meaningful gaze and nodded with a gentle smile. “If so, I will accept your apology!”
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