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Chapter 498 An Admonition

  • Tang Lijiang looked up and gazed at Miao Bai. “I haven’t found out much about the Old Master’s successor at that time, but he surely has a few tricks up his sleeves for him to manage the Tang Family over these few decades. Therefore, I believe Mr. Anderson has come to persuade Tang Yin to work with him.”
  • “I see. Shall we get rid of Mr. Anderson then?” Miao Bai sounded worried.
  • “No. There is no need for that!” Tang Lijiang stood up and shifted his gaze to the window. “The Old Master must have known about my suspicion by sending Mr. Anderson here. Therefore, they must have also expected him to trade places with Pei He.”
  • “In that case, it’s probably a setup in California. Am I right?” Miao Bai asked.
  • “You could say so.” Tang Lijiang nodded with a smile. “If it was a trap, would you still suggest Tang Yin to go there?”
  • Miao Bai looked up at Tang Lijiang and answered, “Of course not!”
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