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Chapter 494 The Downfall of the Xie Family

  • “Uncle Changqing! Uncle Changqing!” Kneeling on the floor, Xie Ansheng crawled up to Xie Changqing and begged, “Uncle Changqing! I’m a Xie family member! I’m your nephew! Who else can you help if not me? Please help me. If you don’t help me, then my life will be over…”
  • Xie Changqing stood up and shook his head. He then stared at Xie Ansheng and said, “It’s too late, Ansheng. It’s not that I don’t want to help you, but I’m in trouble myself. You should know the current situation better than I do. The news you see now is only what is made known to the public. There is another side that you may not be aware of.”
  • Xie Ansheng’s body shook, and his expression turned bleak. “There is?”
  • “Yes… I just got the news that there are more than a dozen African Chiefs who are coming to China to seek possible collaborations… In fact, they’re coming for the engagement party.” Xie Changqing shook his head as he glanced at Xie Ansheng indifferently. “Do you think our family can go against them? This is just what I’m allowed to tell you… There is more to the story.”
  • “There is?” Xie Ansheng gulped. It had never occurred to him that he would incur so much trouble by offending Tang Yin.
  • “Yes…” Xie Changqing heaved a sigh and turned to leave.
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