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Chapter 487 Engagement

  • “Xie Ansheng?” Mr. Anderson was stunned as he suddenly recalled the incident last night. A cold expression appeared on his face when he remembered the person who stopped Young Master Tang at the elevator. “That project is a bad one. Moreover, the risk is high. I don’t know what you are thinking, but I can certainly tell you that it is best not to invest in this project.”
  • “What did you say…” Wang Juan’s expression changed abruptly before she quickly took a seat. “Mr. Anderson, didn’t you tell Xie Ansheng that it is a good project? Moreover, you told him that this is a completely new industry so that he can develop it vigorously.”
  • “When did I ever say that?” Anderson looked unhappy. “Madam, if you wish to exchange information about investment with me, it is my honor to do so. However, if you merely came here to ask this question, I can only tell you that I will never invest in that kind of project. Many conditions have not been fulfilled, so you will bear a huge risk if you invest in it hastily. I hope you can understand what I mean.”
  • Wang Juan was dumbfounded as she sat on the chair with a blank look. She didn’t know what to say at the moment.
  • Mr. Anderson didn’t seem too optimistic about that industry. In a manner of speaking, Xie Ansheng was telling a lie! He had deceived everybody. Furthermore, his words did not hold any credibility at all.
  • “Next!” Mr. Anderson looked impatient.
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