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Chapter 486 Fraud

  • “Infiltrate the Ji residence? Why do you want to do that?” Tao Qingfan was confused. She didn’t really understand Tang Yin’s actions throughout this period of time, hence she didn’t know why they had to infiltrate the Ji residence.
  • “We are doing that to bring Ji Youyou back…” Yuan Zhian continued.
  • Tao Qingfan was stunned as she pouted and cast her gaze outside the window.
  • When Yuan Zhian saw this, she suddenly smiled. “What’s the matter? Are you in love with Tang Yin? Is that why you don’t really want Ji Youyou to return?”
  • “I’m not in love. He is such a bad guy…” Tao Qingfan pouted.
  • Yuan Zhian smiled. “If you love him, I can help you…”
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