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Chapter 483 Impossible

  • “Who are you to butt in?” Xie Ansheng turned around in a rage, but he was astounded upon seeing that it was Mr. Anderson who spoke. “Mr. Anderson! I wasn’t scolding you… I mean… Did you just call him Young Master?”
  • Mr. Anderson stared at Xie Ansheng with a grave expression.
  • Xie Ansheng’s eyes almost popped out because it never occurred to him that Mr. Anderson would address Tang Yin as Young Master. What is going on? Young Master? Mr. Anderson is a rapidly rising investor in North America in recent years who can make waves in California. Why would an investor like him address Tang Yin as Young Master? Uncle called me to say that Mr. Anderson was meeting someone important. Could that be Tang Yin? How is that possible?
  • “Young Master, what’s wrong?” After casting a stern look at Xie Ansheng, Mr. Anderson shifted his attention to Tang Yin.
  • “He wanted to meet you, and he thought that I was asking for a meet-up with you as well. He never expected that I’d managed to meet you before he did, therefore he’s now looking for trouble with me. Is that so, Mr. Xie?” Tang Yin turned around and cast a glacial glare at Xie Ansheng.
  • Xie Ansheng gulped as the sweat on his forehead dripped. He put on a forced smile and said, “Young Master Tang, I have no idea that you were acquainted with Mr. Anderson. Had I known it earlier, I’d be more polite—”
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