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Chapter 481 Begging for a Meet-Up

  • The news that the regional manager from North America was coming to China had been covered up. However, it was leaked by some insiders. Two hours before the arrival of Mr. Anderson, a storm was brewing among the elites in Beijing.
  • The achievements of Mr. Anderson in North America were comparable to, or even better than, those of Tao Huaisheng in Beijing, therefore countless people were excited upon learning that Mr. Anderson was coming.
  • When the night came, Xie Ansheng jumped to his feet from the chair upon receiving the news.
  • Madam Xie was stunned by her son’s reaction. “Why are you excited about Mr. Anderson’s arrival?”
  • “Mom, do you know what everyone calls Mr. Anderson in North America? He is compared to the legendary Mr. Beverly, but he is more impressive than the latter in the aspect that he has built his business from scratch.” Xie Ansheng was over the moon as he held his mother’s hands and said, “Mom, please arrange for a meeting with Mr. Anderson. I have to meet him, even if it’s only ten minutes!”
  • “How would ten minutes be of any help?” Madam Xie found it funny. Nevertheless, she was more than willing to do it after seeing her son being excited.
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