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Chapter 48 The Girl Whom Wang Yanchao Is Looking For

  • Ruan Qin’s face grew paler and paler, thinking that the hypothesis in her mind was far too preposterous!
  • Tang Yin is just a loser who can’t even afford to eat properly! How is it possible for him to have anything to do with the Meng Family’s eldest daughter?! He must have picked up her purse and then tricked her with honeyed words.
  • It must be so!
  • Ruan Qin’s hatred grew and she clenched her fist into a tight ball. No one could fathom the depths of her fury in that instant.
  • You want to get together with the Meng Family’s eldest daughter?! I won’t let you have your way!
  • Ruan Qin’s eyes overflowed with hatred.
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