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Chapter 478 A Blind Investment

  • Ji Mu was shocked, and her ears reddened at Wang Lang’s aggressiveness. However, she realized that she wasn’t against the idea of him pressing himself on her.
  • In reality, Wang Lang was nervous as well, but once he thought of Tao Qingfan beating him up, he knew he couldn’t afford to hesitate. With Tao Qingfan’s status in the Qingfan Association, she could easily make him wet himself with one word.
  • His actions had completely messed up her heart. Bewitched, she gazed at Wang Lang while standing helplessly.
  • Wang Lang laughed and straightened himself. Then, he shot her a look and wrapped his fingers below her chin. “Next time when you want to meet me, just give me a call. Otherwise, I have to ask my men to crash your car again. Won’t that be a pity?” Without any hesitation, Wang Lang turned and left after leaving his remarks.
  • Ji Mu finally composed herself and clenched her fists as Wang Lang walked away.
  • “Wang Qing…” Ji Mu muttered and let out a small sigh. “Let’s go! Back to the company.”
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