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Chapter 473 Beat Them Up

  • Xie Ansheng was stunned when he heard Ji Youyou’s request, for he didn’t expect that the girl before him did not own a phone. “Sure!”
  • Ji Youyou grabbed the phone from him and hurriedly dialed Tang Yin’s number.
  • Toot-toot-toot… After ringing for a while, the call still wasn’t picked up by anyone. Ji Youyou’s expression went from one of anticipation to hesitation instead. She couldn’t help but tear up when she heard the ringing tone.
  • “What happened? Who are you calling?” Xie Ansheng frowned. He noticed that Ji Youyou’s mood was off, so he gently said, “There are lots of complicated people out there. It’s best for a girl as simple as you not to mingle with those outsiders too much! You can tell me if there’s anything. I can help you take care of it!”
  • Ji Youyou’s body trembled, and she quickly shook her head. “No, it’s not an outsider…”
  • “Who is it then?” Xie Ansheng interrogated.
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