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Chapter 471 He Lost an Investor

  • H-How is that possible? Could Tao Huaisheng be this girl’s father?
  • Xie Ansheng’s mind went completely blank, for he did not anticipate a dramatic turn like this. His car was not hit by a random person, but by Tao Huaisheng’s daughter! How could he have begged the father for investment only to be involved in a conflict with the daughter after? Xie Ansheng instantly understood that the investment had gone down the drain. His genteel face turned frantic for the first time. “Mr. Tao, to be honest, my conflict with your daughter is just a tiny misunderstanding…”
  • “Dad! Beat him up. Beat him up now!” Tao Qingfan was furious and couldn’t care anymore. When she first hit that person’s car, she had wanted to beat the other party up, but Tang Yin let those people off. “Dad, he’s the guy. He was the one who hit my car!”
  • “Mr. Tao, that wasn’t what happened! There has indeed been some conflict between your daughter and me, but it isn’t what you think!” Xie Ansheng desperately explained.
  • Tao Huaisheng turned to him and said faintly, “Mr. Xie, I might have to reconsider the matter we discussed before! To be honest with you, your project is high-risk and most likely unprofitable!”
  • “Mr. Tao…” Xie Ansheng’s expression went through a sudden change, and he looked dazed. “Mr. Tao, please consider it carefully. Our Xie Family has some influence in Beijing. If we cooperate, we will definitely get a firm hold over certain industries…”
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