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Chapter 470 Trouble Came Knocking at the Door

  • Tang Yin sensed the awkwardness and slightly furrowed his brows.
  • “Why are you all looking at him? I’m the leader of Qingfan Association!” Tao Qingfan furiously stamped her feet and yelled, “Turn to face me. Don’t you know who your boss is? Why are you all staring at Tang Yin?”
  • Wang Lang and the rest looked embarrassed. Tao Qingfan then shot a resentful glance at Tang Yin. “Tang Yin, stand up!”
  • He sighed and obliged because he did not want to sow any more trouble with this little girl. Standing up slowly, he announced, “I hereby wish for the future success of Qingfan Association!”
  • “Yes, to future success!” Tao Qingfan finally broke into a smile.
  • Tang Yin downed the alcohol in his glass swiftly and sat back down slowly.
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