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Chapter 469 Kneel Down and Apologize

  • Tang Yin had wanted to stop Xie Ansheng, but he saw the two bodyguards pulling out knives on the side.
  • “Tang Yin…” Tao Qingfan cried out in fear. The men from the Qingfan Association rushed forward as well.
  • Tang Yin took a wide stride forward and blocked the two bodyguards. “We were wrong in this incident, and I hereby apologize to you. As for the repair cost, I will have someone send it over later, along with a big gift. Please let go of the matter!”
  • “Bast*rd! Did we ask you to pay for the repair? Do you f*cking know what car you have hit and who the owner is? You might think that you can pay for the repair, but you have alarmed our Young Master. How would you pay for that?” Zhao Fu stepped forward menacingly.
  • Tang Yin’s face darkened.
  • “Since you wanted to be a hero, I shall give you a chance to be one!” Zhao Fu flashed a grim smile. “Come… I will maim you both. When you kneel to apologize to our Young Master in person, I will then let you go. How about this?”
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