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Chapter 463 Backbiting

  • Ji Youyou was startled. “That’s impossible!”
  • “Impossible? How is that impossible?” Li Chengshuang sneered coldly and stood up to look down at Ji Youyou imposingly. “I told him just now that in order to marry you, he has to give the Ji Family a gift. In the end, he refused rudely. Don’t you believe it?”
  • “Tang Yin wouldn’t do that!” Ji Youyou retorted and looked downward dejectedly.
  • “He wouldn’t? He rejected my offer without thinking, and you’re telling me that he wouldn’t?” Li Chengshuang laughed scornfully. “Do you still have hopes to be with him? I’ll tell you now that you’re not in his heart at all! Do you think he will care about you when he brought two women with him to meet me? Did they really think that I wouldn’t observe them flirting with each other?”
  • “Those are Tang Yin’s colleagues…” Ji Youyou whispered.
  • “Colleagues? Youyou, let me make it clear to you. Those women in wealthy families are the same! Do you really believe that Tang Yin doesn’t have other women behind your back? If so, you have underestimated him,” Li Chengshuang said in disdain. “I don’t care if he has other women, but he has to at least show some sincerity if he wants to marry you.”
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