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Chapter 462 A Ridiculous Demand

  • Looking at Li Chengshuang’s cold face, Tang Yin felt genuinely sorry for Ji Youyou. Since young, Ji Youyou never received any maternal love nor family love. Whenever a relative finally appeared in her life, they always wanted to get something from her.
  • “Did you hear what I say?” Seeing that Tang Yin went silent, Li Chengshuang smiled icily. “Why? Are you reluctant to do so? Didn’t you announce to the world that you and Ji Youyou truly love each other? For your true love, aren’t you willing to give up on a small company like Venture Capital Finance?”
  • Tang Yin leaned his body against the chair and replied, “Although I’m the CEO of Venture Capital Finance, the company is still the Tang Family’s property. It’s not mine! I have the right to govern, but I don’t have the right to sell! If you want an investment company, I can give you Wang’s Investment Company in Wuhan…”
  • “Wang’s Investment Company?” Li Chengshuang laughed sarcastically and looked at Tang Yin incredulously. “Tang Yin, are you out of your mind? Do you know how much the annual sales volume of Wang’s Investment Company is? What do you see me as? A scavenger? The Ji Family members are considered influential figures in Beijing. Why would I even care about Wang’s Investment Company?”
  • “How about this? I give you Wang’s Investment Company in Wuhan and transfer 20 percent of Venture Capital Finance’s profits to you annually. What do you think?” Tang Yin paused before offering another suggestion.
  • “Tang Yin!” Li Chengshuang slammed her hand hard on the table with a bang. “Are you stupid? I want shares. Do you think I would want profits? I will tell you clearly right now. It’s either you give me Venture Capital Finance or bid farewell to Ji Youyou for the rest of your life! Ji Youyou is my daughter, therefore I can make her marry whoever I want to!”
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