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Chapter 461 A Negotiation

  • A moment later, an adorable biracial girl walked down the stairs. The girl was around twenty years old. She had a head of blond hair and a rather voluptuous figure. Even as a woman, Tang Lishan felt some admiration and jealousy when she looked at this girl.
  • Tang Lishan lifted her eyes and took a glance. Smiling, she asked the girl, “Mary, how has it been during this period of working here?”
  • “It’s quite nice!” Mary answered.
  • Tang Lishan nodded and tugged at her shirt collar. She smiled and asked her again, “Mary, what do you think about Tang E?”
  • “Tang E?” Mary was stunned for a while. “The Young Master treats me well, and he has a great personality too. He will do great things in the future!”
  • Tang Lishan nodded. “He’s all grown up now. A young adult is usually curious about everything! I think you could give him a hand and help him learn about the birds and bees!”
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