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Chapter 458 Arrested

  • “Okay!” Everyone nodded and followed behind Li Chengshuang. She swiftly walked into the mansion with a gloomy expression.
  • She was arrested by the police yesterday night, and it took some connections to get herself out on bail. This caused her to burn in anger, and the fury in her heart could not be suppressed anymore. Although Ji Youyou was her daughter, she wasn’t willing to continue on like this. I’ll snatch Ji Youyou and bring her back to Beijing first! As for what would happen later, Li Chengshuang had not given it any thought yet. Nonetheless, Ji Youyou was her daughter, so she had a say in what was to be done with her later.
  • Bang! The mansion door was kicked open. Li Chengshuang strode into the mansion before heading directly to the third floor with her people behind her.
  • “Knock down the door!” Li Chengshuang pointed at Ji Youyou’s bedroom door. “Quick!”
  • Her people leaped forth like wolves and tigers; they managed to open the door after a few kicks.
  • In the bedroom, Ji Youyou was in fear after the commotion woke her up. When she saw Li Chengshuang’s dark face, she reflexively panicked. “W-What are you doing?”
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