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Chapter 454 The Transfer of Venture Capital Finance

  • Tang Wei’s claim caused a commotion among the crowd. Everyone from the Tang Family shifted their gaze toward Pei He.
  • Venture Capital Finance has fallen into other hands? How is that possible?
  • As the economy of the Greater China region had been booming in recent years, the three regional managers from Greater China had amassed unimaginable resources. Although the achievements of Venture Capital Finance from Wuhan were still not on par with its counterparts in Beijing and Shanghai, it had shown great potential in recent years. It was inconceivable that Venture Capital Finance in the Greater China region had fallen into other hands as Tang Wei claimed.
  • “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Pei He remained unfazed.
  • Tang Wei sneered and took a few steps forward. “You don’t? Pei He, do you really not know what I’m talking about? Someone just sent me a message telling me that Venture Capital Finance has been bought off by someone. The person even sent me the photo of the equity transfer agreement. Do you still refuse to admit it?”
  • Pei He grinned. “Miss Tang, I believe you’re mistaken—”
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