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Chapter 452 Tempers Flared

  • Crashing sounds could be heard outside the ball. Following that, a crowd suddenly appeared outside the ball. A majority of them were part of the Dragon Camp, while some of them were originally the guards of the Tang Island. The new group of people were dangerously armed to the teeth—with guns and body armors.
  • “Jiang Hui, put that gun down!” Tang Yuanbo’s growl came from afar.
  • However, Jiang Hui did not comply and continued to stare down at Tang E.
  • Tang E was at the peak of his fear that his legs turned to jelly. He also lost the function of holding back his bladder as yellow liquid was streaming down between his legs.
  • “Dad! Aren’t you going to control that Jiang Hui? She’s planning to kill my whole family!” Tang Lishan bawled in tears the moment she saw the arrival of Tang Yuanbo. “Dad, are you willing to see your only daughter endure such humiliation? Jiang Hui is used to acting bossy and not respecting anyone out here. She does not even respect you even though she’s in the Tang Family. Dad… am I still your daughter? Is there still any guarantee to my family’s safety? She wants to kill my son… My son!”
  • Tang Yuanbo's expression was as dark as the starless night sky while the three sons at the side all wore different expressions.
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