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Chapter 450 Becoming Arrogant

  • Tang Yin lightly nodded at his mother’s instruction. He knew that something was not right. Under normal circumstances, his father would never be so foolish and offer a piece of his own flesh to another. If this were to happen, then Tang Yin would have to go and check what was going on.
  • “Alright, let’s invite the young masters and ladies of the Tang Family…” Lily Smith waved at the surrounding audience.
  • The audience became silent in response with their attention turned toward the young masters and ladies of the Tang Family. During moments like this, the identity of one’s family background really shone through.
  • A powerful family with a high status; a group of young heirs and heiresses. Just by going through a single raffle, they would be able to obtain something that others couldn’t obtain even if they were to fight for it their whole lives. How profitable would it be to have a port in Europe? Not to mention, the project in Africa was beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Those young elites would merely need to reach their hands into a box and grab one of the balls in order to obtain such a ludicrous benefit.
  • Whether it was Pei He who wasn’t onstage or Han Siyu who was far away, they could only sigh inwardly at this fact. To them, these privileges were unattainable.
  • Tang Wei was the first to stand. Dressed in a red gown, she slowly walked toward the stage for the raffle. Everyone’s gaze focused on Tang Wei.
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