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Chapter 448 Such a Mother

  • There is no Vice President called Ji Youyou! The moment this sentence was uttered, the situation in the room changed immediately.
  • “Seize her!” Chief Wang slammed the table and exclaimed in anger, “A sham contract as well as a sham herself. How dare you come and cause a ruckus in someone else’s company? You even dare to exert violence on their directors? Is there no law in Wuhan?”
  • “That’s right! Seize her!”
  • “Teach her a lesson! What gave her the right to call for a meeting now after midnight? She even asked the security guards to attack us!”
  • The directors were furious. They were awakened and dragged to the company with no explanations whatsoever. They were even attacked by the security guards in the meeting room. Anybody would have been infuriated by such a thing.
  • If the shares were really transferred as claimed, the directors might not be as furious as they were now. However, it was just a sham contract signed by another sham. There was no way the directors were just going to shrug this off and pretended it didn’t happen.
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