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Chapter 439 Triples

  • Tang Yin couldn’t be bothered to look at him. He merely turned his attention toward Tang Ke and Tang Wei.
  • Tang Ke had won. Therefore, he naturally had a say. “Tang Wei, although we had quite a good relationship with each other, the reality of the situation is as such. Hence, I do not need to be aware of how I act around you anymore, right?” He smiled as his gleaming eyes swept across the group of people behind Tang Wei.
  • Tang Wei’s expression looked dark as she clenched her fists. “Who do you want?!”
  • “How could you put it in such a manner? Although I have won against you, I will not hit a person who is down. You have two regional heads with you, and I won’t harm you. Why don’t you give me the Han Family from Shanghai then?” Tang Ke smiled evilly as his gaze fell upon Han Qi and Han Siyu.
  • Han Siyu’s expression changed abruptly as she held Han Qi’s wrist. “Aunty…”
  • Han Qi raised her head and fixed her attention upon Tang Wei’s back.
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