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Chapter 438 The Middle Number

  • The brooding look in Tang Yin’s eyes suggested that the number indeed gave him some pressure. The number fifteen was just three points away from the largest available number, which was eighteen.
  • “Hahaha… It seems like I’m not ready to meet my maker yet. Tang Yin, how are you going to kill me now?” Rogers turned around and stared viciously at Tang Yin.
  • “Tang Wei, there is no way you will lose having achieved this number. I think someone should just stay back and save himself the trouble,” Tang Ai ridiculed. “A just person attracts much support; an unjust one finds little. You have even gotten support from the Heavens. How is that person going to beat you?”
  • Tang Wei smiled faintly, confidence written all over her face. “You have a point.”
  • “That’s right. The gods are not blind to injustice, for those who are unjust will face their judgment. Now that judgment has come, someone might not have the guts to come forward anymore.” Tang Ai sneered.
  • “You are so right, Tang Ai!” Tang E chimed in.
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