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Chapter 437 Betting on Numbers

  • The crowd gazed at Tang Wei with different expressions on their faces. The fact that Rogers had betrayed Tang Yin and sided with Tang Wei could be verified through their conversation. Moreover, it was not a rumor that Tang Wei had been loose in her conduct.
  • More importantly, why was Rogers caught by Tang Yin when he was one of Tang Wei’s men? Many of the present people were more or less related to Tang Wei and even supported her. They feared what might happen should they fall into Tang Yin’s hands one day.
  • “Tang Yin, I have made it clear that during the process of taking sides, no one should touch the people related to the candidates,” Tang Yuanbo said with a long face.
  • Tang Yin lifted his head and said, “Grandpa, what you said was that we shouldn’t touch the regional managers and regional heads. Since when had it extended to the people related to the candidates?”
  • Tang Yuanbo was stuck for words, and his expression turned gloomy.
  • Tang Yin was unfazed while he looked at Tang Wei. “Tang Wei, I’m glad that you’re filial. I have two tokens in my hands now. Do you want Rogers or Tao Qingfan?”
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