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Chapter 426 A Strong Entrance

  • Everyone’s expression changed.
  • Tao Huaisheng quickly came forward when the Tang Family rules were mentioned. “Master Tang, Qingfan doesn’t know better, so please don’t punish her according to the rules. I worked hard for the Tang Family all these years, and I hope you can forget about that for my sake. I…I can take the punishment in my daughter’s stead!”
  • “You, take the punishment? Who do you think you are to take it in her stead?” Tang Liyu sneered.
  • Everyone looked at him mockingly.
  • “This matter stems from me, so I will take it in her stead!” Yuan Zhian came forward.
  • From Yuan Zhian’s viewpoint, this matter started because of her, as Tang Yin wouldn’t have attacked if it weren’t for her being slapped.
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