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Chapter 423 Gift Exchange

  • Although it was winter, the flowers in Tang Island, which was located deep in the Pacific Ocean, were in full bloom. Coupled with the sound of chirping birds, a harmonious scene was created.
  • A private Boeing 747 jet slowly descended at the airport in Tang Island as it landed at the designated parking apron in the airport.
  • A fleet of cars was driving slowly toward it.
  • The cabin doors were open as a middle-aged man with streaks of white hair walked down from the cabin with a dark look on his face.
  • This middle-aged man exuded a powerful aura, and his eyes looked sharp as well. However, his empty sleeves evoked a great sense of pity in other people’s eyes.
  • Tang Licheng looked grim as he walked down the spiral staircase one step at a time. His face turned darker with each step he took.
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