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Chapter 422 My Baby Is the Most Important Person Here

  • The entire room descended into silence as all eyes were on Meng Cuiping.
  • Meng Wan sat at the end of the table as she lowered her head and caressed her tummy. She didn’t care about the family’s quarrel at all. The only thing that she cared about for now was the baby in her stomach.
  • “Sizhi, what do you think?” asked Meng Guanghe.
  • Meng Sizhi hesitated for a moment as he glanced at his wife beside him and his daughter, who was sitting not far away from him. Then, he sighed gently and said, “Dad, in my opinion, we must determine where we stand first. Although the internal strife within the Tang Family is a good opportunity for us, we must figure out what we want so that we can act at the right time!”
  • “Good idea!” Meng Guanghe nodded.
  • “Stop being the nice guy here; how could this be a good idea? Dad, if we do not take advantage of the internal strife within the Tang Family, then this matter will not benefit us at all.” Meng Cuiping raised her eyebrows as she said unhappily, “Don’t you know my brother’s personality? If you were to put it nicely, he is trying to act like a saint. However, if you were to put it bluntly, that is called unambitious.”
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