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Chapter 420 The Preparation Before the Annual Meeting Part 1

  • “I do have a way!” Hu Song pondered for a moment before he said with a gentle sigh, “It’s just way more difficult.”
  • “What do you mean by that?” asked Tang Yin.
  • Hu Song said, “He has injured his meridians, hence we need to treat it. If I was in my prime, with my acupuncture skills and Inner Energy, I could open up his meridians. However, now that my body has undergone some changes, I have greatly lost my strength. Hence, I am afraid that it would be difficult for me to cure him.”
  • When Tang Yin heard this, his expression changed slightly. “What about me? If I learn acupuncture, is there any hope of curing him?”
  • “If it was you…” Hu Song pondered for a moment before he sighed and said, “If I give you 10 years, there might be a chance to cure him. However, now… I am afraid that you are not ready yet.”
  • “10 years?” Tang Yin muttered to himself. He couldn’t bear the thought of it.
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