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Chapter 416 Looked Down Upon

  • Ji Yueshan panicked instantly, thereafter he pretended to be calm as he said, “No way! Why would I lie to you?”
  • Yuan Zhian threw away the utensils in her hand and shoved the plate on the table away. “Ji Yueshan, you have quite the balls, huh? How dare you fool me?! The Ji Family recently mentioned Wuhan, not Shanghai. Did you really think that I wouldn’t know about that?”
  • Ji Yueshan’s expression soured, and he chuckled. “I-I don’t know anything about this!”
  • “You don’t know?” Raising her brows, Yuan Zhian had a cold look in her eyes. “Perhaps you really didn’t know! But when you joined hands with the Ji Family, Ji Mu must have told you, right?”
  • “N-No, of course not! That’s absurd!” Ji Yueshan forced a smile.
  • Yuan Zhian snorted coldly as a murderous intent flashed in her eyes. “Ji Yueshan, I will give you one last chance, and you better tell me the truth! Did you really think that I wouldn’t be aware of your situation in the Ji Family? Did you actually think that Ji Mu wants to help you? I told you before that Ji Mu has started to form her own team, and not to mention that she owns three to four energy companies! Did you think I was lying about that?”
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