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Chapter 41 Do You Have an Invitation

  • "How about that? Do you like my performance?" Tang Yin pursed his lips, not even bothering to glance at Wang Yanchao, his gaze fixated on Ji Youyou instead.
  • "Yeah!" Ji Youyou nodded bashfully like a shy little girl.
  • Wang Yanchao stood still, his face pale as a ghost. Only now did Wang Yanchao know that Tang Yin wasn’t a mediocre pianist, but a master-level one.
  • Playing Liszt’s piano pieces could be said to be the dream of pianists all over the world. Everyone who played the piano knew clearly what it meant to be able to play Liszt’s music, especially ‘Harmonies du soir’ which was so complex it was almost akin to a divine melody.
  • Tang Yin just said that if he was allowed to play, his fans would all flock to himself instead. At that time, Wang Yanchao didn't believe him at all, but at this moment he realized that Tang Yin definitely wasn’t bluffing.
  • Wang Yanchao’s jaw dropped, his throat dry. He was unable to say a word.
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