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Chapter 405 To Primp You Up

  • Stunned, Tang Yin looked at Tao Qingfan in shock; he was speechless for quite a while.
  • “So you do dislike me because mine are small!” Seeing that Tang Yin didn’t deny it, Tao Qingfan roared at once and started to sob. “Do you think that Yan Jiahui’s breasts are bigger? You’re so mean! I want to see my dad! I have to tell him…”
  • “Hey!” Tang Yin grabbed her wrist, his face helpless. “That’s not what I meant. It’s just that you don’t have to sleep with me anymore!”
  • “So after touching someone else’s boobs, you don’t want mine now, is that it?” Tao Qingfan growled, and the rim of her eyes turned red.
  • “Stop making a fuss!” Tang Yin scolded with a cold voice.
  • “I want to make a fuss! Why can’t I make a fuss?! I want to find my dad and tell him that you dislike me because my boobs are small…” With that, Tao Qingfan turned and dashed out of the room.
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