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Chapter 40 Harmonies Du Soir

  • “Forget about it. I better not show off my meagre talents,” said Tang Yin as he broke into a smile.
  • There were sparks of animosity on the table.
  • “Since you understand music, how could you give up such a good opportunity?” Wang Yanchao suddenly became enthusiastic as a sneer spread across his face. “You can’t just say that without putting it into practice. Since you think that there is a flaw in my playing, you can go up the stage and perform a piano piece as well…”
  • Their surroundings became quiet in that instant. It seemed that many people heard his words.
  • Did somebody say that Wang Yanchao’s playing had some flaws in it?
  • How could such a good piano piece have flaws in it? Just who did he think he was? Did he understand music? Did he understand anything about art at all?
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