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Chapter 390 The Hunt Has Started

  • “Do you guys really think that we will send him back?” Li Chubai bursted into laughter as he rose his volume. “You still think that he would be sent back after killing a Japanese? Are you guys dumb?”
  • Tao Huaisheng raised his eyebrows and stared at Li Chubai coldly.
  • “I want the killer here right now so that I can bring him back to the Japanese embassy! If not, I’ll hand this over to the foreign affairs so that they can deal with this instead!” Koichi Tanaka threatened arrogantly.
  • “Are you sure about it?” Tao Huaisheng spoke coldly. “If you’re sure about this, just take him then!”
  • “How can this be, Mr. Tao? Something like this has never happened before! This incident happened in China! Moreover, the man is in our hands right now; if we just pass him over to the Japanese embassy, how can we provide a proper explanation?” Chief Wang stared at Tao Huaisheng.
  • “It’s fine. Since the Japanese embassy insists on it, there’s nothing that we can do, am I right?” Tao Huaisheng stood up and headed outside. “I’m really interested to see how this escalates!”
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