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Chapter 384 Locking Horns on The Stage

  • Rah… Rah…
  • An uproar broke out in the crowd.
  • The carving, ‘Carp’, certainly wasn’t as exquisite as the ‘Forest of Blooms’, but it was ridiculous that it hadn’t received even a single vote.
  • If the ‘Forest of Blooms’ had won seven to three against ‘Carp’, Tang Yin would have found it understandable. Even a result of eight against two was acceptable, but for the ‘Forest of Blooms’ to have won ten to none? The result sounded preposterous to anyone who heard it!
  • “Hahahahaha!” Inoue Sanyuu laughed raucously as he pointed at the young man representing Liu Dafu Jewels. “You arrogant kid! Comparing a piece of junk like yours to the work of art of Imperial Japan?! Aren’t you too full of yourself?!”
  • The young man representing Liu Dafu Jewels clenched his teeth and looked back toward Li Chubai, unable to accept such a blistering result in his opponent’s favor. He could accept being defeated, but such a shameful defeat caused resentment against the judges to well up within the young man’s chest.
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