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Chapter 381 International Jade Sculpture Conference

  • Tang Yin knew Tang Wei well; he knew that this woman was very promiscuous. Whenever she saw someone she liked, she would do everything she could to bed them regardless of whether they were a man or a woman.
  • Seeing how Tao Qingfan is loyal to Tang Wei, could they possibly have something more between them?
  • Thinking of this, Tang Yin threw a complicated glance at Tao Qingfan.
  • Tao Qingfan was sitting in front of the TV at this time, and she kept pressing the remote control, trying to find a channel she liked.
  • Tang Yin retracted his gaze. After thinking for a moment, he changed into a bathrobe and took a hot bath in the bathroom of Pei Ruo’s room.
  • When he returned to the living room, Tao Qingfan had already gone back into the bathroom. Then, Tang Yin closed the bathroom door from the outside and returned to his bedroom.
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