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Chapter 375 The Ambush

  • Although this hotel was not located in the heart of Beijing, it had always been a landmark of the city.
  • The security guards in the hotel were the top in the hotel industry in Beijing. However, being Tao Huaisheng’s daughter, Tao Qingfan could walk around as if she owned the place.
  • The group of people got out from the elevator and immediately moved closer to Tang Yin's room.
  • Tao Qingfan was taking the lead, and she waved her hands at a dozen people behind her. They approached Tang Yin's room and immediately stopped once they were right outside.
  • Tao Qingfan took a deep breath and took out the spare room card in her hand. After hearing the buzzing of the door, the door of Tang Yin's room was pushed open, forming a gap.
  • "Miss Tao, you are really amazing!" Wang Lang exclaimed in surprise behind her.
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