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Chapter 371 Going to Beijing

  • “She slapped the police! This woman assaulted the police!”
  • The police officer was taken aback for a moment. Then, he suddenly yelled, “Men, seize her!”
  • At this moment, seven or eight police officers rushed out of the police station and reached out to firmly hold Tao Qingfan down.
  • “Y-You—!” Feeling aggrieved, Tao Qingfan cried bitterly. However, these police officers didn't care at all and took this alternative girl directly into the interrogation room.
  • Previously, the only crime that Tao Qingfan had committed was intimidating Tang Yin after the car crash. It wasn’t anything major, so these police officers couldn't do anything to her. However, it was different now. She had assaulted a policeman, which meant that it wasn’t just a civil case now. Moreover, she couldn’t deny what she had done as so many people were watching her in the police station.
  • They had ironclad evidence.
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