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Chapter 361 Arrogance

  • Ms. Li watched them as the amusement in her eyes became obvious and she nodded in gratification. “Youyou, we might really be related if you’re from Yellow Ocean Village!”
  • “I’m sorry, but I’m not from Yellow Ocean Village!” Ji Youyou lowered her head and denied shakily.
  • Tang You knew that Ji Youyou was trying her best to suppress her tears from falling since she was grabbing onto his arm tightly, as if something bad was about to happen.
  • He still remembered that this was how Ji Youyou had held onto him—with the same force and same way—back when he went to Yellow Ocean Village to rescue her.
  • Ms. Li was obviously taken aback, thereafter she stood up slowly, with dissatisfaction coursing through her eyes. “I do not like liars!”
  • “I…” Ji Youyou opened her mouth a little before she sniffled and denied, “I’m not from Yellow Ocean Village!”
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