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Chapter 360 Ms Li

  • “Uh…” Zhang Lu felt like it wasn’t appropriate for him to answer him, so he just said, “She’s a friend from Beijing! You can rest assured that she doesn’t have any malicious intentions. Don’t worry, I’ll be here for you if something goes wrong!”
  • “Alright then!” Tang Yin nodded and agreed.
  • “Then, let’s start this gathering!” Seeing that Tang Yin had agreed, Zhang Lu smiled heartily and said to everyone, “Shanghai has indeed changed a lot while everyone was away! I believe that everyone more or less already knows about what happened, so I won’t repeat the story again. The main purpose of this meeting in Jiangdong is to discuss how we can further boost Shanghai’s industries after this incident…”
  • Zhang Lu didn’t mention any specific industry nor did he talk about the incident, but everyone there understood what he meant.
  • Everyone knew exactly what happened to Shanghai during this period of time. Many industries began to shuffle their cards since Tang Yin’s arrival, and this had shaken up things in Shanghai. Moreover, these people were very aware that they would be able to cash in after the turmoil.
  • Upon hearing Zhang Lu’s words, the people around started gossiping softly.
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